Big Walnut Bands


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Summer Calendar Published

The calendar has been updated through November, 2018.

Summer and Fall 2018 Calendar

Band Camp

Band Camp is August 6-10 at BWHS from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.  Social activities will be in the evenings.  The camp fee is $60 and covers all social activities and catered lunches.  Students can bring a check made out to BW Music Boosters on the first day, or at any time can pay online by visiting the choir website and scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Donate”.

Lunches are as follows:  Monday – Antonio’s Pizza   Tuesday – KFC   Wednesday – Fazolis   Thursday – Canes

Social Activities are as follows:  Monday – Pool Party at The Lakes 8-10 pm   Tuesday – Bonfire and picnic at the home of MaryBeth Brown    Wednesday – Rain date for bonfire   Thursday – Senior Night (seniors only)


Section Leaders

This was one of the most difficult years to select Section Leaders…..mainly because there were so many fine candidates that applied!  That is why there has been a delay in posting things!

NOTE:  Section Leaders are appointed to GUIDE and ASSIST there sections.  It is a privilege to serve in this capacity and if at any time a Section Leader does not handle themselves in a professional manner, mistreats section members or does not personally meet the same performance standards that they ask of their section, they will be removed from their position.

Flutes – Kaitlyn Morrison/Lindsey Thompson
Clarinets – Emily Thompson/Jasmine Lucas/Hannah Kaiser
Alto Saxes – Faith Myers/Jillian Salmon
Horns – MaryBeth Brown/Matthew Lanning
Trumpets – Emma Brinkerhoff/Emma Gardner/Grady Hemingway
Trombones, Baritones, Tubas – Josh Halbakken/Emily Kuederle/Ben Segars
Low Reeds – Mandi Kelly/Roxy Lefevre
Battery Percussion – Ben Momeni/Caleb Bailey
Front Ensemble – Marissa Rak


BW3 Fundraiser

The Big Walnut Music Boosters have a fundraiser currently going on with BW3’s at Polaris.  When dining in or carryout, tell your server that you are with “Team F” and the Big Walnut Music Boosters get a portion of the proceeds of your sale.  This fundraiser goes through the middle of August!

2018 Percussion Section

Quints Cole Matos, Caleb Bailey, Ethan Herrel

Snares – Tyler Colvin, John Drake, Spencer Salmon, Ross Carpenter, Devin Gregory

Basses Colton Edwards, Gretchen Houser, Kassie Swank, Grace Salloum, Ben Momeni

Cymbals – Sebastian Ellis, Tommy Daggett, Henry Funson, Khail Yano

Front Ensemble – Marissa Rak, Caidan Salonsky, Logan Shinkle, Jon Daniel, Cole Wecker, Cameron Charles, Ben McKelvey, Adam Wilhelm, Caleb D’Imperio, Nicholas Carr, Sean Acree, Emma Kupfer