Big Walnut Bands



Friday, Oct. 9, 2020
(report time and info posted below ticket info)

Information on how to order tickets:  

Friday, 10.9.2020 Big Walnut vs. Logan HOME TICKET Information

OHSAA Event not BW Event – We are following OHSAA policies.  All gate proceeds go directly to OHSAA and BW is given a small budget to cover expenses.

Purchase Tickets $12.00 each

Each Big Walnut Football, Cheer, Band and Color Guard team member will be given a code for two tickets for each family.  Split families will receive one ticket each.

Codes for Football and Cheer were sent out in FinalForms in an email about “eligibility status update”.  Codes for Band and Color Guard were given to Mr. Porter and Ms. Huston to distribute to the members.

A code is good for 2 tickets that DO NOT NEED to be purchased at the same time.

ANY SENIOR FAMILY that would like to have two additional tickets can email Mrs. Piper at to be put on a list first come first serve to receive an additional code for two tickets if there are any extra  tickets.  ONLY emails will be accepted no phone calls or texts.  Phone calls or texts messages will be deleted and not put on the list.

Purchase tickets @ select Football, Division 2, Region 7 and Sunbury Big Walnut vs. Logan

Bring your printed ticket or have the ticket available on your cell phone to show to the ticket workers so your ticket will be scanned to be sure it is a valid ticket.

PLEASE PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS no later than Thursday, 10.8.2020 @ Midnight
No extra tickets will be available to the general admission public.
All extra tickets will be sold to the BW families first.

6:00 pm   Students arrive at BWHS dressed in layered clothing on top, blue jeans, socks, and tennis shoes….color does not matter) and bringing their folding chair.

Students should report immediately to the south end zone with their chair and set up in the same place you did at our first home game.  THE SEATING CHART IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE AND NO SEATS ARE TO BE CHANGED FROM THE LAST GAME!  This is so we can provide accurate contact tracing if necessary.   Dots will be placed on the track so that social distancing can be followed. (This will take a bit of time so do not arrive at the last minute!)

After setting up their chair, students should report to the auditorium to get their instrument out, get their assigned raincoat from the designated area and sit in their assigned seat.

6:30 pm   Students will line up in the circle in our parade block to march into the stadium

6:50 pm   Pregame begins

7:00 pm   Kickoff……GO BIG WALNUT!!!!!

9:15 pm   Game over

Important Items
1.  Everyone must have a mask!  We will wear masks when we are not playing.
2.  Feel free to bring a bottle of water to put with your chair.
3.  Everyone stays for the entire game.
4.  Again, the seating chart was made for a reason….everyone must follow it!


“Remind” Sign up!

Parents and students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to join the appropriate band “Remind” group if they have not already done so.  Important information can be sent out quickly for such things as:

  1.  A change of uniform for a performance due to weather.
  2.  Information regarding a change of return time after a performance so that parents aren’t stuck waiting and wondering.
  3. General reminders about report times, activities, etc.To get this important info, parents and students sign up as follows:
    Class of 2021 – Text the number 81010 and put the code @21bwhs as a text.
    Class of 2022 – Text the number 81010 and put the code @22bwhs as a text.
    Class of 2023 – Text the number 81010 and put the code @23bwhs as a text.
    Class of 2024 – Text the number 81010 and put the code @24bwhs as a text.

Chaperones Needed!  New BWLS rules in effect!

We are in need of chaperones for our trips this fall!

Big Walnut Local Schools now require all chaperons/volunteers to have a background check and application on file with the school district.  To do so, please visit and click on Parents/Community to scroll to “Volunteer Opportunities”.  Volunteers need to do this at least one week prior to the trip.  All of our chaperones and equipment bus drivers need to do this ASAP!